Top Money Saving Habits

There are thousands of? tips out there for saving money from the ingenious? like cooking two batches of a meal and freezing one to the absurd? like separating two-ply bathroom tissue to create two rolls from one.

The thing is, belt-tightening isn’t a one-day event. It’s a process — a change in habits. Here are five ideas to keep in mind as you begin the adventure of paring down your spending.

  • Habit 1 —?Prioritize Your Spending
  • Habit 2 —?If You Can’t Eliminate an Expense, Try Reducing It
  • Habit 3 —?Share Your Money Saving Ideas
  • Habit 4 —?Remember: Slow and Steady Wins the Race
  • Habit 5 —?Talk Through the Family Budget With Your Spouse and Kids

You can read more about these habits in the original article on the Allstate Website.

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